Monday, October 14, 2013

Physician dropped me

I had the shock of a life time. My rheumatologist dropped me as a patient. I found out when I needed prescription refilled and they wouldn't do it.
I didn't see my doctor that day. I saw her PA. Now her PA either doesn't care or she's just over whelmed with patients.
Her name is Bethany Kerwood. It takes on average 3 - 7 days for her to refill medication even when given the 72 hr notice from the pharmacy.
When I had an appointment with her (my doctor was on vacation), she snapped at me when I asked if she could give one refill, ONE REFILL, on my medication. She said she couldn't. It was against the law. I replied that my doctor did it all the time. That's when she snapped. She said something to the effect that because she's a PA, she couldn't do it.
I only asked because of my past experience with her not filling my medication on time. I mean, who prescribes a medication and when you run out, the physician makes you wait 3 - 7 days before refilling it? To me, that's just very bad practicing.
When she left the office, she said she would ask my doctor about a cream for my neck. That's the last contact I had. When the nurse came in, I told her I didn't ever want to see Bethany again. Then the nurse, Susan, and I talked about other stuff. I made another appointment to see my doctor but couldn't get in until December.
A week later, I had the pharmacy send in a request for a refill. The refill came in for half the dosage. So I called the doctors office and left a message for the nurse asking if the dosage had been changed.
I got a returned call telling me my rheumatologist dropped me as a patient. I was shocked! I was told a letter had been sent to me. I told her I've not received a letter. So she read a copy to me. Again I was shocked! I asked for another to be sent and I also left a message for the office manager.
Later that day he called me. He said a copy of the letter had already been sent in the mail for me. He said since he was not there to witness what happened, there was little he could do. I wished my doctor the best and that was that.
I was angry and hurt. I wasn't asked what happened that day. Just dropped. My rheumatologist is the best in the state. So I know there was no reason to try and find another.
I went online to write a review. Low and behold I am not the only person who had trouble getting medication filled on time and not the only person who's phone calls weren't returned. So that was a bit of validation for me.
I left my review and haven't looked back.

No one besides yourself should take top priority in your health. When something isn't right, you speak up. If you don't, physicians can do whatever they please regarding your health. I'm writing this to let other's know, if you believe your health care isn't going the way it should, you need to say something about it. But know that speaking up could lose you a doctor. But your health isn't going to get better by kissing ass.
Luckily, I have a family physician who knows all about my fibro and degenerative disc disease. So it wasn't too big a loss.

It's now the 14th and I still do not have any energy. I walked around Carowinds on Saturday night for Scarowinds. No rides. Just walking and going through haunted houses. I am so so tired. My cats need food and I'm too exhausted to get in the car to go get it.
If I could just have some energy. Just a little. Please God. Just give me some energy.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Do you ever feel sometimes so drained that even thinking about what you need to do exhausts you? I look at all the cleaning that needs to be done and I want to crawl under a rock.
When this happens, I'm reminded of the commercial "a body at rest tends to stay at rest but a body in motion tends to stay in motion."
Well, sometimes I can't even get my body in motion. Even picking up the food bowls for my dogs exhausts me. I'm not caring for my cats as I should. I don't go outside and spend time with them. I have 6 foster cats and I definitely don't spend the time with them that I should.
My neck has been hurting for just over a month. It doesn't hurt as bad now. It's tolerable. The pain in between my shoulder blades is now dull. My lower back stays a bit sore. My knees don't work and my hands stay stiff.
I try to tell myself it doesn't hurt that bad. I know the pain is multiplied because of my fibro.
I'm not motivated to do anything. My rheumatologist let me go because I questioned her PA about why it takes her 3 - 7 days to refill my meds. Even when given the 72 hr notice before running out.
I was upset that she let me go. But I felt better when I went on line for reviews and read that other's had the same problems as I did with this office.
So my regular doctor is going to continue treating my fibro.

And some how, some way, I caught some germs from some one. My nose has been stopped up for two days now. And I've started feeling yucky.
I do have some great news! After spending some time with my niece and her family (they recently moved here to NC), I was told my brother who resides in Alaska, will be coming here for a visit in December. He's going to help fix a few things around the house for me. I'm super stoked that I will be spending Christmas with him. That hasn't happened since 1983. And at least I know I have a couple of months to get my house clean and organized.

I hope every one else who has fibro a wonderful and pain free day!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moving day

I have been going non stop for over thirteen hours.  My g/f moved out today.  A friend came over last Saturday to help me switch stuff around.  Because of that, my neck has been pounding, my lower back has been pounding and I've had zero energy all week.
Last night, he came over again to help move her stuff into the moving truck. We carried boxes and furniture downstairs. Things I had no business lifting. But I am the strongest so I had to do it.
Fast forward to today. I drove the truck and it was hell on my back. Three hours is much too long for me to sit. It was a crappy day, foggy, raining.
Thankfully I didn't have to unload the truck. But I did clean a room out and we'll skip the fact I found two dead mice. Poor babies.
Tomorrow I install an electrical line in that room, drive three hours home, another hour taking care of my animals and the fosters, hooking up the antenna to a tv in a different room and finally laying down on the couch to watch Big Brother.
Let's hope I have a shred of energy to do all this.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Damn Fibro helluva day

I love having animals and don't know where I'd be today without them.  At the moment, I also have some foster kittens that frankly, I've had far too long.  Illness after illness hit them.  But they are getting better.

It's taken a real toll on my health.  All the bending and having to get down to the floor and back up again.  I am reminded that it's why I stopped fostering over a year ago.
Today is bath day.  I can't seem to get more than one kitten bathed without having to stop and take a break before the next one.
My neck is killing me.  And since the spine specialist said the bulging disc in my neck isn't bad enough for surgery, I know it's the damn fibro!  My knees are hurting.  I won't know until I get my x-rays if they are bad or just bad because of the fibro.

So I beg and plead, to anyone and everyone, stop dumping your kittens at my house and when my fosters leave, please don't ask me to foster again.
I know it sounds harsh and unkind to ask.  But on days like this, when the pain is so bad not even my pain meds are working, I can't take it.  It's not fair for the fosters and it's certainly not fair to my own babies who I don't spend enough time with when I have fosters.

I will kick Fibro's ass one day.  One day I will be better.  And when I am, I'm coming after you fibro!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Social Security Disability review

I got my first SSDI review in the mail.  Only a few questions.  'Course, my answers depend on whether or not they do a full scale review. I gave them permission to request my medical file.  We'll see what happens next.  All I know is this damn fibro makes it all hurt so much more and I'm sick of it!

Garden duty

I had every intention of weeding my garden today.  But once I got out there, my body told me "no way lady" and I headed back in.
I know I still have it good compared to others.  But I absolutely hate when the fibro dictates what I can and can not do!